Thursday, June 4, 2009

How I got Here

I was born in Missouri to a God lovin Mom and a dad who was like a rolling stone. He never let the moss grow on him that's for sure or us either. So we moved a lot! We moved to California when I was 3 and I heard we nearly starved to death before we moved back to Missouri or Kansas (not sure) and lived in a tent........

We moved to Florida when I was in 1st grade and then in 5th grade we moved to Arkansas and there were lots of little moves in between these BIG moves.

My dad was born here and his dad and his dad......

Right here in this same county is where I call home now and always will (good Lord willing)!

I moved back to Florida to be with my Mom and brother and sisters back in 93 and stayed for 13 years. That was enough. I met my husband there (the third)! Details later!

In 2005 when the big Real Estate boom hit in Florida I said to Papa (my hubby)"Let's sale this place and get the heck out of this hurricane ridden state." We had lived through 3 hurricanes in one year and ya know that is pretty traumatizing!

So we sold the farm and moved to Beverly.......

Well not quite. We sold the farm. Doubled our money in 4 years!!!!!

We did not move to Beverly....uh the farthest thing from it.


We didn't have jobs here. We just sold the place and moved only thinking about what to do the next day!

I had a small ebay business that kept a little cash rolling in and Papa took some time off at first.

We found our cute little cabin in May of 2005 and have lived here since.

Papa's daughter asked me "How in the heck did you get my dad to move to ARKANSAS?"

When you look around this place it is so easy to answer. THE BEAUTY

We live in the Ozark Mountains only 2 miles from the Buffalo River.

It is a pristine place to live as you will soon see.

That's how I got here!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, Diane. I just read your post here and it sounds so honest and real. You have such a beautiful little cabin. The picture with the flowers is just like a postcard. I'll check back on you soon. Diane

  2. Hello Diane! So nice to 'meet' you and thanks for stopping by our little farm for a visit. You lucky woman live in a BEAUTIFUL area...I LOVE Arkansas. My hubby and I stayed in a log cabin just out of Jasper a couple of years ago...took our canoe but the Buffalo river was down so low that there was no use putting it in the water. Oh well...we had plenty to do just hiking around and taking pictures. You have a beautiful place your cabin. It's what I picture being an Arkansas cabin only even better. I hope you'll stop by for a visit again soon...we'd love to see you again! Take care. Maura:)

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. OOOh the glasses are still for sale. Just send me your PayPal email and I can send you an invoice if you want them. They are most reasonable.

    You are so lucky to live where you do is so beautiful. Love photos and very sweet blog.
    Thank you for sharing.
    With all good wishes,

  4. Hi Diane! It's so nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my blog! What a lovely cabin and I enjoyed reading your family story.
    To answer you question about the little link back button to my blog! I didn't do it. Like you, I tried and tried and couldn't do it. Someone else made it for me. Sorry I couldn't help you. Just ask around - bloggers are so nice to help.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. NO WONDER you have lived in that cabin since you found it - - - it is

  6. HI!!!!
    I love your quaint place!!!It is home to you and nothing else matters!!!!Sometimes I think life would be so much simpler in a small town, I live in a Large city!!!!ANd the things that bug me are because of living in a large city!!!!SO some day I hope we retire somewhere off the beaten path in a quiet little town!!!!
    I would miss the fam so much though!!!!
    glad we have met!!!!

  7. Hi Diane,
    Thank you SO much for visiting my blog...It is so nice to meet you!
    Your home is so beautiful--it looks like dreamland.

    I have a brand-new blog called I Owe it All to Him. I feature
    guest artists, photographers, crafters, etc. Then, I write a story
    about a pic that they submit and connect a link to their site...It is purely an inspirational spot.

    Anyway, if you would like to be a featured artist, I'd love to show the photo of your home....If that sounds good to you, just email me
    and let me know. I'd love to have you!

  8. Diane, your email address is not working, you might want to check it. I will just copy and paste my message.


    You commented on my copying fabric post. What I have found out by doing this post is that people that make the professional pillows, with the ladies on the front and flowers etc all use the fabric you copy on. They said they got sick of messing with freezer paper, or bubble jet washes. It was so fun to see what other people do.

    I did pharmaceutical sales and Eustis and Leesburg were my territory! I am very familiar with Eustis. I called on Waterman Hospital which is now torn down and has moved north on 441 and I called on all of the pediatricians and OB's. I have an antiques booth in a Winter Park antiques Mall, so I still do my thrift store runs to Eustis and Leesburg. I love that part of town, they were just nice people!

    Have a good weekend!

    Carol Turner

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  10. Hi, Diane,

    Where exactly do you live? It must be near us. We, too, live in a log cabin and have a log cabin rental on 103. The picture of the Upper Buffalo River is very familiar (Steel Creek). Love your blog.

  11. Wow, you are so lucky, I am still in Florida dealing with another summer :( You know what that is like, roll on November!!!!

    Cannot wait to read more about the Ozarks and see lots of photographs. I am already drooling......

  12. Hi Diane thanks for stopping by I can't wait to get to know you, your cabin is a dream and those flowers! You sound down home and real and that's my kind of gal! Hugs, Pearl

  13. Dear Diane big kisses and regards from Croatia!
    Zondra Art

  14. I enjoyed your story. The cabin is a dream of mine as well. Thanks for coming to my blog at and following me. It is so nice to meet you and I am a follower now and will follow your life. Kath'

  15. Sounds like you have moved to a paradise, if there is such a thing on this earth. Arkansas is beautiful! And Ill bet you do not miss those Florida summers.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! it's so nice to meet you ~ I look forward to hearing more about your life in the Ozarks.

    Maggie :)

  16. Hi my name is Karen, I came across your blog via a friend of mine.. I have enjoyed browsing your blog and reading your post.. I will be back to visit again real soon..When you get a chance I hope you will stop by to visit me at
    God Bless..