Thursday, June 4, 2009

How I got Here

I was born in Missouri to a God lovin Mom and a dad who was like a rolling stone. He never let the moss grow on him that's for sure or us either. So we moved a lot! We moved to California when I was 3 and I heard we nearly starved to death before we moved back to Missouri or Kansas (not sure) and lived in a tent........

We moved to Florida when I was in 1st grade and then in 5th grade we moved to Arkansas and there were lots of little moves in between these BIG moves.

My dad was born here and his dad and his dad......

Right here in this same county is where I call home now and always will (good Lord willing)!

I moved back to Florida to be with my Mom and brother and sisters back in 93 and stayed for 13 years. That was enough. I met my husband there (the third)! Details later!

In 2005 when the big Real Estate boom hit in Florida I said to Papa (my hubby)"Let's sale this place and get the heck out of this hurricane ridden state." We had lived through 3 hurricanes in one year and ya know that is pretty traumatizing!

So we sold the farm and moved to Beverly.......

Well not quite. We sold the farm. Doubled our money in 4 years!!!!!

We did not move to Beverly....uh the farthest thing from it.


We didn't have jobs here. We just sold the place and moved only thinking about what to do the next day!

I had a small ebay business that kept a little cash rolling in and Papa took some time off at first.

We found our cute little cabin in May of 2005 and have lived here since.

Papa's daughter asked me "How in the heck did you get my dad to move to ARKANSAS?"

When you look around this place it is so easy to answer. THE BEAUTY

We live in the Ozark Mountains only 2 miles from the Buffalo River.

It is a pristine place to live as you will soon see.

That's how I got here!